Extra-Curricular activities

Some of the activities include: Football, Netball Basketball, Volleyball, Cookery, Music, Dance, Science Club, Environment Club, Chess Club and Board Games, Quiz Club.etc

In addition to timetabled extra-curricular sessions the school will provide opportunities for the students to take part in assemblies, programs and initiatives which will give them the opportunity to develop their self-esteem and responsibility. The development of speaking and listening skills is not only found in the Language lessons. All students are expected to be able to engage positively with fellow students and adults.

A range of intra-school competitions, quizzes and exhibitions offer the opportunity for students to share their work with others and learn the values of co-operation, collaboration and mutual respect.
As the school population will be made up of students from many cultures, this will be celebrated in the form of displays around the school on the Parents Day.

The winning Eleven   JIPRA FOOTBALL TEAM

The mighty 11 have really induced a lot of  ecstasy into our soaked hearts when they travelled as far as masaka centrally, as usual they did it the Napoleon way of  conquer and rule.  However, before this team has produced a lot of talented young bloods the likes of Mujapani now in the Big League, Obochi in Kenyan league, Khalid Auchoin Uganda cranes all potential talents and many more out there.

Its now two consecutive times we qualify for  the Regional level headed out for the National heights, these were played  in SOROTI and MASAKA respectively. These  boys have brought a lot of glory times to our faces. And heavily we thank them for their young raging spirits fighting constantly and willing to uphold JIPRA FLAG UP SO HIGH.

Every one witnessed what transpired in masaka as we fought up to quarter finals and we lost touch of our campaign, however that was and is not the end of this story, we jumped out as wounded heroes with a trophy.

The team was later welcomed home awarded with prizes by the Administration.

Captain: Onyango Herbert