Choosing the correct path in life isthe  most challenging discipline we can ever imagine in this era of tension and uncertainty.  But before let me take this great moment to thank both the team  who dug deep and those not seen to make sure that this epic work comes to a reality.


This message is to talk more about the youth who think life is in a glass, well in this life we walk on eggshells you can’t tell when it’s your time. So fellowyouth please treasure and value your life.

I want to lure all the youth to be more hardworking in this era, because once you put all you got then I promise you something will happen. As they always say “At the end of our feelings there is nothing but at the end of a Principle there is a promise” so stick to any principle it could be hard work or Discipline.


For this I want to dare the Youth to have objectives and to complete each and every day be it an exercise or visiting a library, please do so. Because it will become a habit and it will stick with you  wherever you go.

I would like to end this with a Quote ….“Skillful pilots gain their reputation from stormy days”


Don’t wrap your hands  to wait and see or witness things happening, Act now get involved, be useful in each and every way only then will your opportunities and future shall be crystal clear




Indeed we all have to believe ultimately, Jipra is the school for your child for this even a newly born baby can tell, with full desire to groom and nurture good bright students into blossom future. The values and skills attained here are like a green umbrella onto which I will grip hard under a heavy down pour.

This is because of the synonymous character we have towards results and excellence, hard work, discipline and religiousness.  Oh yes with all those above am heavily in great demand to mutually reproduce them.

With warm hearted and coolheaded approach let me thank the magazine team for the caterpillar mechanism they employed, it was not an easy task but look at such beauty you pulled out.

I have feared to say this and am really mad about it but it is inevitable as it always does. I will be making way for the incoming to better the body. Nevertheless my heart is filled with gratitude.

I have to say Goodbye……….

I will miss you for the time I have spent here with you but you will always be in my heart


Chairman Student's Council